Turtle Knitting Patterns

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Knitting Patterns for Turtles

Free turtle knitting patterns patterns. Knit up a turtle dishcloth, knit toy turtle, knit turlte hat, knit turtle sock and more. Take a look at the best how to knit a turtle patterns. Find lots of great turtle patterns and instructions for your next knitting project. Also find knit turtle pictures and knitting books.


**New turtle knitting patterns added 9 Mar 2013


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I love all these cuties, especially sheldon. He’s adorable!

Free Turtle Knitting Patterns

Free knitting patterns turtle with lots of great ideas for your next knitting project

free turtle knitting instructions
Knit Turtle instructions
Turtle knitting pattern
knitted turtle pattern free
how to knit a stuffed turtle
Sock Turtle pattern
Sock turtle knitting pattern
Sheldon turtle knitted
Sheldon turtle knitting pattern
Knitted turtle dishcloth instructions
Turtle dishcloth knitting pattern
Tiny Turtle knitted
Tiny turtle knitting pattern
Knit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Knit teenage mutant ninja turtles knitting pattern
Know to Knit turtle hat pattern
Knitting pattern for turtle hat
Turtle knitting chart
Knitting intarsia chart for turtle
Knitted turtle cloth
Knitting pattern for turtle dishcloth
Knit turtle square pattern
how to knit a turtle square with turtle knitting chart
turtle coffee cup cozy pattern
knit turtle coffee cup sleeve pattern
free turtle knitting chart
free turtle knitting graph
turtle mitten knitting chart
knitting chart with turtle for mittens
large turtle sweater knitting chart
knitting chart with turtle for sweaterl
sea turtle knitting chart
knitting graph sea turtle
free turtle chart knitting pattern
turtle graph pattern for knitting
cute turtle dishcloth knit pattern
knitting pattern for dishcloth with turtle
sea turtle chart for knitting
knitting chart with sea turtle free
sheldon the turtle clothes knitting patterns
knitting patterns for sheldon the turtle clothes
large turlte knitting pattern
knitting pattern turtle big
free turtle pattern to knit
how to knit a turtle instructions
miniature sea turtle knitting pattern
how to knit a miniature sea turtle
free sea turtle pattern to knit
free sea turtle pattern knitting
turtle mittens knitting pattern
knitted turtle mittens pattern
teenage mutant ninja turtle gloves knitting pattern
knitted ninja turtle gloves pattern, a great addition to a teenage mutant ninja turtles costume to keep those little hands warm during trick or treating
free ninja turtles knitting pattern
knitting pattern for Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello from the teenage mutant ninja turtles


Turtle knitting patterns for sale

knitting patterns turtles


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  • ajilcliaen Jun 09, 2011 @ 1:23 pm
    Great lens, thanks!
  • chemknitsblog Nov 03, 2010 @ 11:41 am
    I've knit many turtles. You know that sheldon has a bunch of costumes you can make for him? I've made him a bat sweater and a pirate decorated shell.